by Rodney Tollefson

Loading HDX with wood

As people increasingly seek efficient and cost-saving heating alternatives, outdoor wood furnaces have emerged as a compelling option. Here are five key advantages that make heating with an outdoor wood furnace an attractive choice.

Classic Edge 760 HDX and Wood Shed

Cost efficiency—Outdoor wood furnaces (also called hydronic heaters) offer a cost-effective heating solution. Wood, a renewable resource, is often more affordable than traditional fuels like fuel oil, propane, or electricity. It provides a degree of independence from fluctuating traditional fuel prices. Those with woodlots have a free source of fuel.

Improved air quality—Compared to heating with an indoor wood stove, an outdoor wood furnace keeps the mess, bugs and soot outdoors. This improves indoor air quality which can provide health benefits for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Efficiency and longer burn times—Highly efficient outdoor wood furnaces with larger fireboxes can reduce the frequency of reloading. Keen shoppers should pay attention to the cubic feet of the firebox to help determine the furnace’s heating capacity and how often the furnace will need to be refilled. When properly sized, an outdoor wood furnace can achieve 12 hours or more between fillings.

Improved technology—Some outdoor wood furnaces offer features that allow for the remote monitoring of the furnace’s operation, historical data and notifications from a smartphone or other web-enabled device. Another beneficial feature is a reserve mode that keeps the fire from going out completely and will reserve an amount of wood for easy lighting of the new wood load. [Central Boiler’s Classic Edge HDX series offers these features.]

Simultaneous heating of multiple spaces—Outdoor wood furnaces excel in heating an entire home and multiple buildings. Because the outdoor hydronic heater can connect to a home’s existing heating system, it provides thermostatically controlled, even heat throughout the home, making it feel more comfortable. They can also provide all the hot water needed for a home.

The advantages of heating with an outdoor wood furnace extend beyond cost savings. With a focus on indoor air quality, independence, efficiency, technology, and zone heating, these systems offer a versatile and eco-friendly solution for keeping warm during colder months.

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Adjusting Classic Edge HDX FireStar Controller

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Rodney Tollefson has relied on a Central Boiler outdoor furnace for heating his home, outbuildings, and domestic water for 34 years, a testament to his expertise and commitment. He has been Vice President of Central Boiler 33 years.