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Classic Edge Titanium HDX Outdoor Wood Furnace

See the latest enhancements and features of the Classic Edge HDX outdoor wood furnace, the Ultimate Wood Heat.

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How a Central Boiler outdoor furnace works SIMPLICITY

While a Central Boiler outdoor wood furnace itself is one of the most technologically advanced ways available to heat with wood, how it delivers heat is a pretty simple and neat idea.

Central Boiler outdoor furnaces burn wood to heat water that is circulated through insulated pipes. Water can transfer its heat by direct circulation or by moving through one or more heat exchangers, or both. Of course, your situation is unique, so it’s important you talk to a Central Boiler dealer to make sure you select the right model for your application.


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View operational information on your smartphone - visit STAYING CONNECTED

More than just a controller, the FireStar Combustion Controller features built-in wireless connectivity, giving you the ability to communicate with the furnace without additional equipment or cumbersome ethernet cables.

Stay connected to the furnace that saves you money on your heating bills from anywhere in the world. You can even receive reminders from your furnace such as when it's time to add fuel.

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Classic Edge Titanium HDX Outdoor Wood Furnace

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Classic Edge Titanium HDX outdoor wood furnaces are among the most efficient outdoor wood furnaces that meet the stringent EPA Step 2 Certified requirements. They use up to 60% less wood and are cleaner-burning, easy to operate and require minimal maintenance (usually only a few minutes a week).

The titanium-enhanced stainless steel firebox ensures zero corrosion inside the firebox and is designed to last a lifetime.

The FireStar Controller with onboard Wi-Fi keeps you informed of your furnace's performance and operation. View operational information and receive text alerts on your smartphone or computer. Watch a live demo at

All together, that makes the Classic Edge HDX outdoor wood furnace the BEST OVERALL VALUE ON THE MARKET. Check out the models page for specifications of specific Classic Edge HDX models.

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Classic Titanium Series Outdoor Wood Furnace

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As the outdoor wood furnace that set the standard for quality and revolutionized the industry, the Classic is the perfect choice for heating your business, shop, barn and more. The Classic outdoor wood furnace long ago set the standard for quality and performance, and revolutionized the outdoor wood furnace. With the implementation of the EPA's New Source Performance Standards, in the U.S., Classic models are for non-residential applications only.

For a list of the Features and Benefits of a Classic outdoor wood furnace, and for specifications of individual models, click the Classic Models button.

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Maxim Outdoor Wood Pellet Furnace

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The Maxim M255 PE outdoor furnace is EPA Step 2 Certified.

Do you currently heat with an indoor pellet or corn furnace? Would you like to have the convenience of being able to load your furnace once every few days rather than every few hours? With a Maxim outdoor wood pellet furnace, the furnace is outside which keeps the mess and any dangers associated with indoor burning safely out of the way. You can heat an entire building and more and have to fill the furnace less than an indoor stove. The Maxim outdoor wood pellet furnace can be installed safely outdoors next to the building you want to heat.

For a list of the Features and Benefits of a Maxim outdoor wood pellet furnace, and for specifications, click the Maxim Models button.