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Classic Edge system showing how outdoor furnace works


While a Central Boiler outdoor wood furnace itself is one of the most technologically advanced ways available to heat with wood, how it delivers heat is a pretty simple and neat idea.

Central Boiler outdoor furnaces burn wood to heat water that is circulated through insulated pipes. Water can transfer its heat by direct circulation or by moving through one or more heat exchangers, or both.

Of course, your situation is unique, so it’s important you talk to a Central Boiler dealer to make sure you select the right model for your application.

How Central Boiler outdoor furnaces work


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FireStar XP lets you see your furnace operating from anywhere


Stay connected from almost anywhere in the world to the Central Boiler furnace that saves you money on your heating bills.

Add the optional FireStar XP wi-fi module and stay in constant contact with your Central Boiler furnace if you're just across town having dinner or half way around the world enjoying your vacation on the beach.

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Classic Edge logo

Classic Edge outdoor wood furnace - the perfect combination of value and performance.

Central Boiler's newest EPA-certified outdoor wood furnace, the Classic Edge is the perfect combination of value and performance with the same quality, construction and performance as other Central Boiler models. The Classic Edge is easy to operate and maintain. Models to match many installation scenarios are available.

  • Value AND performance - the revolutionary new patent-pending design of the Classic Edge combines value and performance without sacrificing Central Boiler quality, reliability and performance.
  • Up to 50% less wood - compared to traditional and some other methods of wood heating.
  • Easy to operate - FireStar II controller takes the guesswork out of operating.
  • Easy to maintain - firebox design and heat exchanger system make for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • U.S. EPA Certified - Classic Edge 350, 550 and 750 are U.S. EPA Certified.

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View real-time information, historical charts and more with the optional FireStar XP Wi-Fi Module.

E-Classic logo

The most advanced, efficient outdoor wood furnace on the market today.

The E-Classic is certified and leads the industry in performance and features. With thousands in operation across the country, the E-Classic has been saving families countless dollars on their heating bills for years. If you're looking for an outdoor furnace packed with features, be sure to take a close look at what an E-Classic has to offer.

  • Push-button ignition - the ultimate convenience in an outdoor furnace is the optional gas-fired wood ignition which can also automatically relight the fire if needed.
  • Burn less wood - the E-Classic's hallmark sprayed-on urethane foam prevents heat from escaping so more heat energy can get to your home.
  • Redirect exhaust before opening firebox door - conveniently located and easy to use, the bypass ensures exhaust will be redirected out the chimney when you need to open the firebox door. 
  • LED lights - long-lasting, energy efficient LED night lights illuminate the sides of the furnace and the inside of the firebox when the firebox door is open.
  • U.S. EPA Certified - E-Classic 1450 and 3250 are U.S. EPA Certified.


View real-time information, historical charts and more with the optional FireStar XP Wi-Fi Module.


An optional Gas-fired Wood Ignition kit provides easy starting and automatic relighting if needed.

Classic outdoor wood furnace logo

There is no safer, more convenient way to heat with wood than the Classic outdoor wood furnace.

As Central Boiler's most enduring model line, the Classic outdoor wood furnace long ago set the standard for quality and performance, and revolutionized the outdoor wood furnace. With the implementation of the EPA's New Source Performance Standards, in the U.S., Classic models are for non-residential applications only.

  • More heat from the wood - the RippleTop design maximizes the surface area of the firebox and the HeatLock Baffle traps the heat in the heat collection area.
  • Easy to load - the large, insulated cast iron door is ergonomically designed for easy opening and closing and insulated to lock in the heat.
  • Easy to operate - the automatic draft control opens and closes as needed to control the water temperature in the system.
  • Durable and long-lasting - steel siding and powder-coating paint provide unequaled fit and finish and withstand the elements of time.
  • Dual Fuel Ready option - All Classic models are available as a Dual Fuel Ready model (standard on the CL 7260 and Pallet Burner) that allows the furnace to be fitted with an optional fuel oil, natural gas, or propane burner.
Forge coal furnace logo

The Central Boiler Forge outdoor coal furnace is a cleaner way to heat with coal.

Central Boiler's new Forge Outdoor Coal Furnace can be the perfect choice for those that live where coal is abundant and available. Built with the same quality and attention to detail as Central Boiler's outdoor wood furnaces, the Forge is a better way to heat with coal.

  • Heat Multiple Buildings - Heating multiple buildings is easy. The Forge 1500 has one set of 1-1/4” supply and return ports (that can be configured for two pumps). The Forge 3500 has one set of 1-1/4” supply and return ports and one set of 3/4” supply and return ports. The Forge 6000 has one set of 1-1/4” supply and return ports and two sets of 3/4” supply and return ports.
  • Automatic Operation - The FireStar® combustion controller monitors all functions of the furnace and automatically adds air when and where it is needed (over or under the fire, or both) for a cleaner and more efficient burn.
  • Fine-tune Controller Settings - Operator-adjustable settings on the controller allow you to fine-tune operation for maximum efficiency with each coal type. For example, you can adjust for maximum heat output that saves energy or adjust the amount of over fire air at initial startup.
  • Convenient Operation - Loading coal is easy with the large firebox door. Ergonomically designed, the firebox door is insulated and easy to open and close. Heavy-duty shaker grate, conveniently operated by handle on side of the furnace, allows ash to fall below into the ash collection area. Ash removal is easy.
  • Stay Connected - Stay connected to the furnace that saves you money on your heating bills from almost anywhere in the world! The FireStar® combustion controller features integrated wi-fi that keeps you in constant contact with your furnace if you're away. View real-time operational information like water temperature, historical charts that show you how the furnace has been operating, and even get texts or emails when an alert situation occurs.
  • Burn Less Coal - A hallmark of Central Boiler furnaces for over 30 years, spray-on urethane is the ultimate airtight, waterproof insulation that locks the heat in to reduce coal usage, even at temperatures of -35˚F or colder. It provides 2-3 times the effective R-value of conventional fiberglass batt insulation.
Maxim logo

Outdoor Wood Pellet and Corn Furnaces

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Do you currently heat with an indoor pellet or corn furnace? Would you like to have the convenience of being able to load your furnace once every few days rather than every few hours?

With a Maxim outdoor wood pellet and corn furnace, the furnace is outside which keeps the mess and any dangers associated with indoor burning away from your home. You can heat your entire home and more and have to fill the furnace less than an indoor stove. The Maxim outdoor wood pellet and corn furnace can be installed safely outdoors next to your home.

Freedom to do more - Tending an indoor wood pellet stove can be labor-intensive and require constant loading and maintenance. With a Maxim outdoor wood pellet and corn furnace, you'll have more time to do the things you want to do because of the large integrated hopper and extended burn times.

Get in your comfort zone - Unlike indoor wood stoves that can only heat one room, the Maxim gives you whole-home comfort. It uses your existing heating system to deliver the heat so you can set the thermostat where you want in different rooms. You can even heat other buildings like a garage.

Easy to operate - the FireStar combustion controller takes the guesswork out of operating (WATCH VIDEO).

Easy to maintain - the firebox design and heat exchanger system make for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Easy to install - installing your Maxim outdoor furnace is easier than you think. Many customers choose to install their own furnace because the installation can easily be completed using the installation manual (WATCH VIDEO).


Maxim Outdoor Wood Pellet and Corn Furnace Benefits

  • Save as much as 75% on current heating costs
  • ELECTRIC IGNITION saves fuel - when there is no call for heat the Maxim M255 PE FireStar II controller stops adding fuel and the fire goes out. When there is a call for heat, the controller automatically relights the fire if needed
  • Integrated hopper is easy to load and holds up to 12 bags of wood pellets
  • Heat for a week on a single fuel load or longer with an optional hopper
  • Heats entire home, multiple buildings, pools, hot tubs and water with renewable wood pellets or corn
  • Eliminates mess from inside the home that indoor burning creates
  • Can be installed safely outdoors next to your home
  • Monitor Your Furnace Remotely - View real-time information, historical charts and more with the optional FireStar XP Wi-Fi Module. Compatible with Maxim M255 PE models with FireStar II controller.
  • The Maxim M255 PE is EPA certified with wood pellets as a fuel source.