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Maxim Outdoor Wood Pellet Furnace

FireStar XP Outdoor Wi-Fi Module

The FireStar XP Wi-Fi Module can be used to remotely view operational data on the FireStar II controller. Compatible with a properly configured FireStar II equipped Maxim M255 PE with software version 2.5x or higher. Kit includes FireStar XP Outdoor Wi-Fi Module, antenna, wiring, Quickstart Guide, Operator’s Manual and installation instructions.

NOTE: Wireless range varies widely with each installation. Prior to purchase, a site survey (using a smartphone or laptop) should be performed to determine if the furnace site is within range of customer’s existing Wi-Fi network. Range is generally up to 100 feet when unobstructed and there is no interference.

Optional 48-Bushel Hopper

48-Bushel Hopper Option

Increase your fuel storage capacity with a 48-bushel hopper. Made to perfectly match your Maxim outdoor wood pellet furnace, the 48-bushel hopper is easy to assemble and connect to your outdoor furnace.

  • Steel construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Color-coordinated to match furnace - choice of green and olive gray or terra brown and taupe
  • Dimensions: 48" x 48" x 66"
  • Holds 48 bushels of fuel

NOTE: Does not include auxiliary auger which is needed to transfer fuel into your Maxim furnace. Ask your dealer about an auxiliary auger kit.


Optional Large External Bin

Adding a large external bin allows the furnace to heat for months on a single loading.

Optional large external bin